Online Photo Exhibition – Changing the Narrative of Migration

By Vienna Master Team

The online exhibition shows the photographs created by the participants of the STIRE Project. Through this exhibition, we hope to share with you the experience of refugees in Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, and Italy.

Participatory photography is an engaging approach that enables people to share their perspectives and express their aspirations in ways that are not constrained. The activity is aiming to involve resettled refugees from Austria, Croatia, Ireland, Slovenia, Romania, and Italy in an activity that is meant to encourage the participants to express their own identity through their own “lenses”. Participatory photography is working on multiple levels, first, it creates a space for creation and self-expression. Second, it is about storytelling throughout the reflections shared in the workshop; Another aspect of PP is that it can be a powerful advocacy tool to tackle the governing cultural narratives about refugees and changing the image about the reality of displaced people.

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