“Slight Discomfort(s)” – Public Lecture with José Falconi

Join the public lecture 📣 “SLIGHT DISCOMFORT(s)” 📣 with José L. Falconi – Professor of Art and Human Rights at the University of Connecticut!

In what ways can an aesthetic education help us prepare for the challenges that the human rights agenda poses?

An education in the arts is crucial to not only understand but also to appreciate the way in which the struggle for human rights presents itself to us:

as a never-ending fight, a never-completed labour, a goal so distant on the horizon that sometimes disheartenment in its lack of progress can lead to pessimism.

José L. Falconi wishes to show how an artistic education not only prepares us to anticipate the intrinsic “incompleteness” of the labour of human rights, but helps us to actually develop a taste for the sensation of slight discomfort that arises from never completing the task fully.



30 April 2024

3:30pm – 5pm


Hörsaal 1 – Oskar Kokoschka Platz 2, 1010 Vienna

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