Reflections 2022-01-31

Our Program Assistants

By Vienna Master Team

The Team of the Vienna Masters in Applied Human Rights has a tradition of providing work experience for talented young professionals, aspiring to work at the intersection of human rights and education. They assist the team on the various stages of the teaching process, keep track of the program library as well as research about the various issues in the areas of human rights and arts, enriching the database of the learning materials.

This semester, the Vienna Masters Team welcomed program assistants Natalia, Liz and Sina – all with different academic backgrounds but shared interest for arts and human rights. 

Liz, the youngest member of the Vienna Master’s team, comes from Russia and is currently enrolled in her bachelor’s degree in History and International Relations at the University of Exeter, UK. Working for the VMAHR is a possibility for her to gain some professional experience, make new connections, experience Vienna and gather inspiration for her final year of studies. In addition to her work at the University of Applied Arts, Liz is involved in the concept development for Maritima, a cross-country art project on the Mediterranean landscape. She has already become a valued member of the team and is the go-to person for all questions regarding graphic design. In her free time, Liz is refreshing her Italian, hoping to spend the next semester in Italy. 

Natalia, coming from Ukraine, has a BA in International relations and diplomatic service (IFNUL, Lviv, UA), and is currently close to obtaining her master’s degree in Contemporary East Asian Studies, at the Duisburg-Essen University, Germany. Her research interests lie in the fields of freedom of press, cultural and economical rights. Natalia has a background in music and loves to sing in and out of the office. She is always in a good mood, expressing enthusiasm about any piece of work thrown at her.  Alongside her mini-job as English tutor, she is hoping to improve her German and Japanese, as well as settle in Vienna for life.

Sina, originally from Vienna, has just finished her MA in Middle Eastern Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands. She has conducted research on recent history and contemporary politics of the region of Levant, as well as film and television in the Middle East. However, Sina does not plan to stop on that – she is already working on the development of a PhD proposal, and refreshing her Arabic. Her particular points of interest in Human Rights are minorities and women’s rights and representation, and, having an artistic background in Dance and Theater, she will enrich the team with the unique perspective on the intersection of Arts and Human Rights.

The wild mix of personalities and interests, which the three program assistants bring to the office, results in a diverse set of skills and a pleasant and energetic working environment. The Vienna Master´s Team is looking forward to endorsing them in their further professional growth and advocating for human rights together.

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