Community Arts Lab

Art can be truly transformative, sparking hope and imagination and taking people on journeys of discovery and change. High quality arts programmes can connect people in unexpected ways, building resilience, restoring dignity and creating a sense of identity and purpose. They can provide safe spaces for individuals to be themselves and to believe in a positive future, especially in times of crisis and conflict. Only when people achieve their full potential will they be able to contribute meaningfully to society and be part of the social change the world needs.

The team at Community Arts Lab (CAL) wants to harness the power of art to build bridges and bring people together. CAL believes that solving the world’s problems takes ensembles, not soloists. CAL works with a diverse range of partners, including artists, educators, prestigious institutions, grassroots organisations and strategic influencers to bring communities together.

One of CAL’s most important roles is to foster the value of art as a tool to empower communities and bring about meaningful social change. We work across borders and in collaboration with other hubs and portfolios, aiming to design, build and grow a global system to enable the development of more just and inclusive societies.

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