Esther Maria Kürmayr

Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

Mag.a DSA Esther Maria Kürmayr studied translation and African literature at the University of Vienna, she has a post graduate in Latin American Studies. She studied social work at the Social Academy of Vienna, and has a degree in kindergarten and after school pedagogy and an anti discrimination trainers certificate.

She is an educational and antidiscrimination expert and trainer. She is a founding member and since 2006 the manager of  the Schwarze Frauen Community (=women counselling office and empowerment program for black women and youth ), a teacher in a BVL Vienna (professional orientation for pupils with special needs) and a lecturer at different University departments in Vienna, a social worker and translator.

Her studies took her to Cuba, Mexico and Guatemala and her family background to several African countries. The experiences in different countries and different social circumstances in addition to the academic studies shaped her perception and understanding of diversity.

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