(c) Laura Wiesböck

Laura Wiesböck

Sociology & Human Rights

Laura Wiesböck is a senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Studies. She holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Vienna.

Throughout her academic career she has also studied, conducted research or taught at Oxford University, CUNY Graduate Center, University of Syracuse, University of Ghana and UC Louvain La Neuve.

Laura’s research interests fall in the field of social inequality with a focus on labour market, poverty, migration and gender.

Currently she investigates working realities of gig based female cleaners in private households in Vienna.

In her teaching, she also devotes herself to topics such as coolness as a cultural practice or sociology of love.

Laura was awarded five prizes in recognition of her academic work, such as the Käthe-Leichter-Prize for women’s research or the Theodor Körner Prize in recognition of cultural and scientific advances.

In addition to scientific articles she regularly communicates research findings and perspectives to the public through media interviews (e.g. Associated Press, Libération, Deutschlandfunk, DIE ZEIT, 3SAT), her personal social media channels (e.g. Twitter @laurawies) and public lectures (e.g. Diagonale Film Festival, Dance Quarter Vienna, Austrian Parliament).

Laura will explore with the students the intersection of Human Rights & Sociology.

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