Laura Wiesböck

Laura Wiesböck

Sociology & Human Rights

Laura Wiesböck holds a doctorate in Sociology from the University of Vienna with study exchanges throughout her academic career at the UC Louvain La Neuve, CUNY Graduate Center New York City and Oxford University. Her research interest falls mainly in the field of migration and labour market segmentation, intra-European labour mobility, social inequality and social transformation. For her PhD thesis Laura was awarded the Theodor Körner Prize 2016, an Austrian award bestowed by the Theodor Körner Fund in recognition of cultural and scientific advances.

Apart from her academic studies, Laura also works on conceptual art projects. Drawing on sociological theories and elements of satire, she focuses on quantification processes in Western societies, economics of attention and performing selves.

Laura will explore with the students the intersection of Human Rights & Sociology.

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