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Marilyn Volkman

Artistic Strategies & Student Affairs Coordinator

Marilyn Volkman is Artistic Strategies & Student Affairs Coordinator of the Vienna Master and the main contact for students. She develops and coordinates the artistic orientation of the curriculum, nourishing connective threads between arts-based practices and Human Rights. Marilyn is responsible for student selection and mentoring, community building, as well as engaging students with change-driven methods rooted in actual art practice and experimentation.

Marilyn is an artist and curator with an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Chicago, an MA in Art and Design from the Sandberg Institute, and a BFA in Painting and Drawing from the University of Arizona. Her early work involved interviewing soldiers to explore abstract questions amidst daily work activities on military bases, while subsequent projects were aimed at repurposing art infrastructures to create intimacy across political divides, specifically between artists based in the United States and Cuba. Currently, her research investigates artistic developments in Cuba after the passing of Decree 349, a law that has criminalised independent artistic activity on the island.

Marilyn is the co-creator of the United States/Cuba exchange project ARTE NO ES FÁCIL (2008-2016), and the director of ENTRE, an independent project space in Vienna dedicated to fostering social and political understanding through artistic exchange. Her curatorial and artistic work has been featured internationally at the New Centre for Fashion & Design (Shanghai, China), Het Hem (Zaandam, the Netherlands), Bergen Assembly (Bergen, Norway), Sometimes Art Space (Havana, Cuba), The Centre for the Development of Visual Arts (Havana, Cuba), The New Gallery (Calgary, Canada), College Art Association (New York, NY), Renaissance Society, Hyde Park Art Centre, and Weinberg/Newton Gallery in Chicago, among others.

If you would like to know more about her work, check out her website: www.marilynvolkman.com

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