Natalia Hecht

Diversity and Anti-Discrimination

Natalia Hecht is a Psychologist, Community Artist and Cultural Evaluation Expert from Argentina living in Vienna. She has more than 20 years experience in the field of participatory arts. At the core of her artistic practice are participatory co-creation and learning processes with communities. Through collaboration, artistic intervention and critical social reflection, central topics such as diversity, migration, transculturality, feminism and human rights practices, are explored in order to initiate processes of resilience, self-representation and transformation.

Natalia has specialised in designing and leading learning and evaluation processes in the art and cultural sector with an art-based, discrimination sensitive, participatory post-colonial, transcultural approach.

As a long-standing cultural worker, she has devoted her work to rethinking the purpose and practice of evaluation as one that resonates with an heterogenous society, challenging hegemonic discourses, reflecting on systemic inequalities, acknowledging multiple truths and actively creating space for underrepresented perspectives.

In her work, evaluation processes take a central role in supporting art and cultural organizations in opening themselves to diversity and anchoring these changes in sustainable ways.

She has been part of the core team of Brunnenpassage for many years developing artistic projects and leading the evaluation process for Creative Europe and the Evaluation of the Partnerships of Brunnenpassage with multiple cultural institutions. Currently Natalia is a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager for RED NOSES INTERNATIONAL, where she leads  evaluation and training processes for Emergency Smile, a transnational programme that operates in the intersection between clowning and humanitarian response in multiple crisis areas around the world.

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