(c) Rafal Morusiewicz

Rafał Morusiewicz

Artistic Research

Dr. Rafał Morusiewicz, PhD (they/them),  is a Vienna-based researching visual artist, curator, and writer. A holder of two PhD degrees, they have completed a few mid-length and short artistic-research films, screened in and outside Vienna (Belvedere 21 Museum of Contemporary Art, Venice Biennale’s Research Pavilion, and multiple film festivals).

For over two decades, they have taught courses in artistic research, film studies, academic writing, and ESL at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Webster Vienna Private University, and Warsaw’s SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities. Since 2020, Morusiewicz has collaborated with Guilherme Maggessi as Maggessi/Morusiewicz. By employing tools and strategies stemming from their diverse backgrounds (design, found-footage film, performance, sampling, stitching, silkscreening), the artistic duo explores modes of creating archives and fabulating futures in expanded and intimate ways. They are currently conducting a three-year FWF | PEEK artistic research project, “W/ri/gh/ting Archives through Artistic Research,” at the Institute for Art Theory and Cultural Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (starting Oct 2022).

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