RD Foundation Vienna

The RD Foundation Vienna is a charitable private foundation established by Christian Reder, former professor at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and Director of the Centre for Art and Knowledge Transfer and by Ingrid Reder, former lecturer in Fashion and Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

RD Foundation Vienna provides funding for projects, interventions and research in order to enable initiatives of socio-political, cultural and/or artistic relevance which are clearly of public interest, but cannot be realized within a free market economy without additional financial support.

The emphasis of RD lies on research, development and human rights. The aim is not conventional sponsorship but project financing to facilitate independent work uninfluenced by unwanted outside influences.

Projects are prioritized which are likely to have positive social and political effects by focusing on topical issues of the present, be they in the areas of human rights, women’s rights, democratic legitimacy, social work, education, development priorities, cultural transfer, the environment, intellectual innovation, artistic and scientific productivity, and quality in the public debate. The aid may take the form of financing infrastructure, events, publications, and help in cases of need.

Public finance is not to be excused from its responsibility by a privatization of its obligations; rather, civic impulses may cause public institutions to rethink the inadequacy of their reaction to obvious deficits.

Projects are selected by the foundation board of directors assisted by a network of recommending personalities. Applications made independently will also be considered. Decisive criteria are the projects contents, their chance of being put into practice, work modes, and a basis of trust to be created in direct conversation. How or whether the support is publicized can be agreed on a case-by-case basis. In order to react with sensitivity to individual situations, needs and emergencies, anonymous support is possible.

Relying on a network of contacts maintained by personal trust, Vienna is regional focus for the foundation and its work – on the content level, however, an international ripple effect is intended.

The RD Foundation Vienna seeks to support projects which are difficult to put into practice. A foundation profile will eventually emerge through its association with supported and published projects which represent a contribution to civil society. The active pursuit of a public image is not deemed necessary.

The experience of the primary foundation representatives is an important factor for the possibility of participatory advice, reaching from aiding refugees, developmental cooperation, social work, publishing and literature to scientific and artistic cooperation and transdisciplinary projects, and professional experience anchored institutionally in the University of the Applied Arts in Vienna.

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