News 2024-01-05

Program Director Manfred Nowak shortlisted for Commissioner for Human Rights

By Gabriela Adamczyk & Sofi Bautista

We are excited to announce that our program director, Manfred Nowak, is shortlisted for the post of Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Council of Europe is an independent official responsible for monitoring and addressing human rights issues across member states. Their role includes monitoring, advocacy, dialogue with governments and stakeholders, providing advice, addressing specific human rights themes, and raising awareness. The Commissioner works independently to promote and protect human rights within the Council of Europe.

When asked about what this opportunity represents, Prof. Manfred Nowak shared with us:

I am honored to have been nominated and subsequently shortlisted for this prestigious role. My interest in serving as Commissioner for Human Rights stems from the recognition that the upcoming years are pivotal. It is crucial to determine if we will be able to authentically navigate a major turn, in order to tackle challenges ranging from the triple planetary crisis to the complexities of digital transformation. In particular, the imperative to confront the climate crisis demands comprehensive changes in the global. European, and local social, economic, and political spheres. The prospect of playing a meaningful role in this transformative journey fills me with genuine enthusiasm, and I would be extremely gratified to contribute to this essential undertaking.

We express our unwavering support for his candidacy. His wealth of experience, keen insight, and tireless advocacy for the most vulnerable populations make him an ideal candidate for this crucial position. In these challenging times, the need for a genuine change-maker in the role of the Human Rights Commissioner cannot be overstated.

The decision on who will be appointed as the next Human Rights Commissioner rests in the hands of the representatives of the Council of Europe, and the outcome will be announced on January 23, 2024. We invite everyone to join us in spreading the word about Prof. Manfred Nowak’s candidacy, as his appointment would undoubtedly signify a positive step forward for the protection and promotion of human rights not only in Europe, but also in the international sphere.

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