News 2020-12-06

The University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Vienna Master are moving into Otto Wagner’s famous Savings Bank building

By Vienna Master Team

(c) SIGNA_Stefan_Seelig
(c) SIGNA_Stefan_Seelig

The office of the Vienna Master is moving to the famous Savings Bank (Postsparkasse) designed by Otto Wagner. The team of the Vienna Master can already feel the inspiration working in these halls.

One cannot miss Wagner’s impressive and breathtaking buildings, when taking a walk through Vienna.

In the 1890s, Wagner designed the first urban railway stations in Vienna. When riding the underground lines U4 and U6, you will come across the stations he designed.

Wagner has introduced bold ideas for buildings using iron, glass, and concrete. Wagner combined these materials with, at that time, not only innovative but also radical styles, merging it beautifully with hints of classicism, Art Nouveau and Jugendstil.

Wagner would go on to design and build groundbreaking works, foremost among them the church at the Steinhof psychiatric hospital, the Secession, the Majolika House, the house on Linke Wienzeile 38, the Otto Wagner Villas and Pavillion as well as the Postal Savings Bank in the historical city center in Vienna.

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