Reflections 2024-07-11

CELEBRATING CONNECTIONS: The Vienna Master’s First Alumni Event 2024

By Lina Čop

In the sunny and hot late afternoon on  27 June 2024, The Vienna Master organized its first Alum Event, inviting all previous study generations and past program assistants to reunite, network and  share inspiring professional and personal life successes while enjoying delicious food and drink. The event took place in the charming Café 7Stern, which welcomed us with a wonderful atmosphere that lasted throughout the evening.

The entry of first guests filled the room with joy, happiness and warm hugs to the former professors and mentors. As more alums joined, conversations of surprise, delight and wonderment grew. The space was filled with international people who traveled from different places to be part of this event. Manfred Nowak, Walter Suntinger, Georges Younes and Marijana Grandits officially opened the event and  invited guests to reflect on the shared memories and the sense of  community fostered by the Vienna Master. 


The event featured an open mic talk, inviting alums to share the green sofa with the host of the conversation, Georges, Co-Founder of the Vienna Master in Applied Human Rights. Leonard Cuscoleca from the first generation, Ashura Kayupayupa from the third generation, Ruggero Scaturro from the fourth generation  and finally Tijana Tesanovic, who was a program assistant in 2019, entered into dialogue. Seated on a green sofa, they talked about where their career path had taken them after their master’s degree, reminisced about dear memories from the master’s program and openly shared what daily inspires them and drives them forward.

“Hope, curiosity, openness, focus on the present, kindness, passion, being nice to each other, making good friends “ are some of the positive  resources that are giving Leon, Ashura, Ruggero and Tijana meaning and are enriching their personal and professional journeys. When recalling the most memorable  experiences from the master, these moments were always about the community “When we danced like crazy in Prishtina, when we played football during break and rewarding teamwork experience”, they told us with a smile on their faces. 

The sociable and team spirit accompanied us with guests mingling over good food, drinks, karaoke and fulfilling exchanges. Vidya Giridharan from the ninth generation, shared what this event meant for her “ It was so delightful and nice to hear people talking about what they are doing in their life and what they can do with the degree. It was also so good to connect with old friends and people from my generation. Also, a big thumbs up for food and drink”.  

The first alumni event concluded with the swap of warmth, acceptance, laughter and affection, leaving everyone inspired, with a stronger professional and personal network. The community of Vienna Master is composed of enthusiastic and uplitfining people, who are very happy when someone new weaves a thread into this network.  This common identity based on humanity, dignity and respect that grew in the lecture halls of Vienna Master was recognized. It is heartening to see this community thrive, especially in times of eroding human rights and democracy.

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